C7012A,E,F UV Flame Detector

Safeguard your industrial processes with the advanced C7012 series UV Flame Detectors from Honeywell. Designed for precision and reliability, these detectors are at the forefront of flame monitoring technology, ensuring quick and accurate flame detection in boiler, burner, and dryer applications.

Key Features:

1. UV Flame Detection Technology:

  • Cutting-edge ultraviolet sensing ensures rapid and accurate flame detection.
  • Swift response to flame anomalies for enhanced safety and control.

2. Versatile Model Options:

  • The C7012A, C7012E, and C7012F models cater to various industrial requirements.
  • Choose the model that best fits your specific combustion application.

3. Industrial-Grade Durability:

  • Rugged construction guarantees durability in challenging industrial environments.
  • Resistant to varying temperatures and environmental conditions for long-lasting performance.

4. Quick Response Time:

  • Immediate detection and response to flame presence or absence.
  • Minimizes downtime and reduces the risk of combustion-related incidents.

5. Broad Application Range:

  • Ideal for boiler systems, burner controls, and diverse industrial combustion setups.
  • Adaptable to different combustion processes, ensuring flexibility in usage.

6. Honeywell Precision:

  • Trusted Honeywell craftsmanship ensures robust and dependable flame sensing.
  • Backed by industry-leading technology and expertise in combustion control.

7. Ease of Installation:

  • User-friendly design simplifies installation and integration into existing systems.
  • Streamlined setup for efficient flame monitoring and control.

8. Reliable Flame Monitoring:

  • Continuous and reliable flame monitoring for optimal safety and performance.
  • Enhances overall system efficiency by preventing potential hazards.

9. Compliance with Standards:

  • Meets and exceeds industry safety and performance standards.
  • Provides assurance of adherence to stringent regulatory requirements.

10. Adaptive to Upgrades:
  • Easily integrates into upgraded boiler control and wiring systems.
  • Ensures compatibility with evolving industrial control technologies.

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